Was There a Census Between 1825 and 1850/UHLFELDER? #germany

Laberge, Ronald H. <rhlaberge@...>

Many thanks to everyone who helped me on the Bamberg Matrikeln and the
Names Jondeph, etc. Great stuff. Anyone who has recieved help from
others, knows the wonderful feeling and joy of finding another piece to
the puzzle of family heritage.

My great grandfather Jacob UHLFELDER son of David J? UHLFELDER was born
February 15, 1828 in or near Dormitz (north east of Erlangen). He
emigrated about 1848 to the USA. I am, therefore, searching for any
census or record in Germany or Bavaria which would have included the
Bamberg/Erlangen/Ermreuth/Dormitz area and which might have shown my
Jacob before he left the land of his birth.

Ron Uhlfelder Laberge Albany NY <rhlaberge@albanymanagement.com>


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