An EISEMANN Family, Probably from the Vicinity of Grosskrotzenburg (Hessen) #germany

Ralph N. Baer <RalphNBaer@...>

Back in 2000, I submitted two messages on this topic. My
great-great-great-grandmother Roeschen SCHMIDT nee EISEMANN was born about
1812 in an unknown place. She died on 19 March 1872 in Grosskrotzenburg
near Hanau. She married on 16 December 1839 to Seligmann SCHMIDT of
Grosskrotzenburg. The marriage record gives Roeschen's father as Gumpel
EISEMANN and her mother is not listed -- I assume because she was deceased.
There is no indication of Roeschen's birthplace on either her marriage or
death record.

A brother of Seligmann SCHMIDT named Aron married on 18 April 1841 to Ester
(Eva) EISEMANN, assuredly a sister of Roeschen. On this marriage record,
Ester's father is again given as Gumpel EISEMANN, and no mother was
originally entered either. However, someone has entered in another
handwriting the name Vogele. Because of naming patterns, it can be assumed
that Vogele was the mother of both Roeschen and Ester (Eva), that she died
by 1839, and that her husband Gumpel was still alive in 1841. The question
that I am trying to answer is where Gumpel EISEMANN and his family lived.
Both Roeschen and Ester died before 1876, when in theory their death records
would have given their places of birth.

I have done an area search of most of the Jewish communities "near"
Grosskrotzenburg without success. The problem is considerably complicated
by the location of Grosskrotzenburg which was within a stone's throw of
several former and current borders. It is on the north bank of the Main
river, the last town in formerly Prussian Hessen-Nassau before entering the
Bavarian region of Unterfranken (Lower Franconia). Across the Main river is
what used to be the Starkenburg region of Hessen-Darmstadt. This means that
records prior to 1876 for towns in the vicinity are in several German
archives. The only place in the vicinity of Grosskrotzenburg in which I
found an EISEMANN family is Orb (now Bad Orb), but there is no indication of
a Gumpel. There are a number of places in the vicinity of Grosskrotzenburg
whose records I haven't located, especially in Starkenburg.

Since Gumpel EISEMANN was apparently still alive in 1841, his death record
should exist. I received several responses in 2000, but none resulted in
the discovery of this record. The most promising one stated that there was
a Gumpel EISEMANN living in Barchfeld (Werra) in 1720. While this Gumpel
was born too early to have been the father of people born after 1800, he
conceivably could have been the grandfather or great-grandfather of the
Gumpel whom I was looking for. A search of the vital records of Barchfeld
did not turn up the people whom I was looking for in the early 19th century.
It is possible that the early Gumpel was my ancestor and the family was
somewhere else in the 19th century.

It remains a possibility that a branch of the descendants of the Gumpel
EISEMANN who was living in 1720 moved elsewhere, perhaps in the vicinity of
Barchfeld. Has anyone come across such a family? Barchfeld was in the Kreis
(county of) Schmalkalden which although part of Hessen-Nassau was disjoint
from it and is now in Thueringen (Thuringia).
Ralph N. Baer Washington, DC

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