Re: EISENMANN/Grosskrotzenburg, June 07, 2004 #germany

Christopher Massur <cmassur@...>

There are graves EISEMANN in Rotenburg/Fulda in connection with a Gumpel

but sometimes it is helpful to check first the occupations of the families
in order to find out, how their relationships developped. If I, not knowing
anything about your family, would look for someone in Grosskrotzenburg, the
first place would be the closer by bigger communities like Hanau or even
Frankfurt or Aschaffenburg. The transport in those days was over the Main
river and places along that route would be logical. Also the Orb area seems
more logical. The name EISENMAN is documented in Hanau, if I am not mistaken.

Christopher Massur, CuraƧao <cmassur@...>

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