meanings of first names from europe #germany

JIMMY <callydude@...>

Shalom Gersig members,
We are curious to see if members recognize these
names as common Jewish first names, and if they have a
hebrew version or a similar spelling >from europe.

Beryl, Enos, Verde, and Armanus.

Other siblings have more common names such as Goldi,
Noah (Noach), Levi, Salome, etc.

These are some of the children of Sara and Daniel
YOUNG of Ohio in the mid 1800's. The family tree
immigrated to Philly, USA >from the Palatinate.
We also desire to find detailed sites dealing with
Jews >from Palatinate prior to 1900's.

Looking to find info about the unusual first name of
Vallendin(e), Vallentine, Vallendien.

Families researched are TIEKE, GOLDSMITH, SCHMITT,

Areas researched Brandenburg, Alsace, Pommern,
Palatinate, PA, OH.

Abraham TIEKE, and Jimmy S. Sacramento, CA.

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