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Prof. G. L. Esterson wrote:

"... Thus, in general, one might find Gumpl connected to any of the
Hebrew names Efrayim, Mordechai, and Yaakov as a nickname,
and to the name Mordechai as a kinui.

The following is what Benzion C. Kaganoff ("A Dictionary of Jewish Names"
Schocken Books, NY, 1977) writes:

"GOMPERTZ. This comes >from the old German name Gundbert. Gumpert (Gompert) was
frequently added to the Hebrew names Ephraim and Mordecai as early as the
fourteenth century. It first appears as a family name at the end of the
sixteenth century. There are a number of variants of this name such as:
Gomperz, Gomperas, Kompert, Kumpert, Gumpertz, Gumprecht, Gumpel, Gimpel, Gimble."

Those of you who are interested in GUMPEL as a FAMILY name, may like to look up
the article "Die Hamburger Familie Gumpel, und der Dichter Heinrich Heine" by
Jacob (Jack) Raphael. The article appeared in the "Zeitschrift fuer die
Geschichte der Juden", Tel Aviv, No. 1/1969, page 33, and contains a fair amount
of family data relating to the GUMPELs.

For those interested, I would be prepared to discuss this article privately.

Best wishes,

Zeev Raphael, Haifa E-mail: zeevra@...

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