Suplament to the surname BASCH #germany

Ury Link

Dear Genners,
I find today another explanation for the surname BASCH and I think that it
give us 1 explanation more. In the book" Vor und Familiennamen in Deutschen
Sprachgebiet", Konrad Kunze,Deutschen Taschenbuch Verlag,Munchen 1998, I
find in page 34 that the family name BASCH is derived >from the given name
Sebastian. He give this schema: Sebastian , Sebast , Seebass , Bast(ein)
, Ba(a)sch.

The origin of the name Sebastian is the Greek word Sebastos what mean a
person or a town that is sublime or exalted or august, and Sebastianus mean
the man >from Sebastia Augusta. In israel near Shechem is the old ruins of
Sebastia. The city name Sebastia is common in the antick world.
Of course I don't know what this name have to do with the Jewish family
name BASCH, but this is another explanation. Best regards

Ury Link Amsterdam Holland <uryl@...>

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