German translation help requested #germany


I've posted four scans of comments >from the Bavarian Jewish Registers on
ViewMate, and I'd appreciate translations.

(1) ViewMate #4260. This appears to be the occupation of my ancestor Gabriel
Hirsch Benedict (BENDA). The family was involved in mirror manufacturing, and
later bronze fabrication. Can you tell me what this says?

(2) ViewMate #4261. This is >from the matrikel listing for Seligmann BENDA, with
the listing of David BENDA below it. I'm interested in translations of the
comments in the middle and right-hand columns.

(3) ViewMate #4262. These comments are >from the matrikel listing for my
ancestor Israel Meier NEUBAUER and a listing below his. I'd appreciate
translations of the comments in the two columns on the right.

(4) ViewMate #4263. Finally, these comments are >from the matrikel listing for
my ancestor Max NEUBAUER, appearing below the listing for Elkan Haehnle
(unrelated, so far as I know). I can read the dates in the far left column but
I'd appreciate a translation of the rest.

Thank you very much!

Cory Streisinger Portland, Oregon

MODERATOR NOTE: Cory Streisinger is relatively (pun intended) new to GerSig but
has learned to take good advantage of View-Mate, a particularly useful tool
that JewishGen gives us free of charge. If **you** have not tried to use ViewMate
try looking at one of the above sites and think about how you might use this
tool in your own research. This MOD NOTE should not be interpreted as a negative
comment about Ms. Streisinger's message. MOD1

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