More on Basch/Boas family of Graetz, Prussia (1830's) #germany

Bathsheba Frais <bafrais@...>

First of all, I would like to thank all the list members who contributed
their ideas to help me identify the author of the letter I found at the
archives of the Jewish People. The consensus of opinion is that he was a
BASCH, even though he wrote his name with a "Samach" at the end. It occurs
to me that one way of verifying the matter would be if the members who
kindly looked BASCH up for me on the 1834 census of the Jewish population of
Graetz, could perhaps check if there was also a Yitchak BASS or BOAS living
in the village at this time? I imagine the probability of there being one
person called Yizchak BASCH, and another Yitzchak BOAS in a small community
is not so great?

Its seems to me that a siginficant portion of my faily history research is
based on circumstantial evidence of this kind. Although I know >from English
marriage records that I am descended >from a Prussian cap manufacturer called
Isaac (Yitzchak) BASCH who had a son called Jacob, and there was such a
person in Graetz and the dates fit, I don't see how it is possible to be
100% sure that this is one's ancestor and not just someone who happens to
have the same name and occupation. Both Isaac and Jacob are common
forenames. However, I supposed the probability is that the BASCH family of
Gaetz and my ancestors are one and the same.

In appreciation of all the assistance I have received.

Shimon (Steven) Frais [city??? state???]

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