GRUENEBAUM family of Gambach bei Butzbach, Oberhessen #germany

Ralph N. Baer <RalphNBaer@...>

This is a major update and correction of a message that I posted on Gersig
in September 2003. Gambach is a town in the Oberhessen exclave of what was
once Hessen-Darmstadt. It is now part of the city of Muenzenberg, near
Butzbach and a few miles south of Giessen.

I am a third great-grandson of Kaufmann GRUENEBAUM (1757 - 22 April 1840
Gambach). He was married twice. I do not know the name of his first wife,
but his second wife, my third great-grandmother, was named Siesa (Suess).
The previous message called her Siera -- this was a misreading back in the 1930's.

He had the following children, all except for the first were children of Siesa.

1)Schoenle GRUENEBAUM 1792 probably Gambach, married in 1816 to ?, lived in Staden

2) Sarabas GRUENEBAUM 1794 probably Gambach

3) Joseph GRUENEBAUM 1796 probably Gambach - 19 November 1846 Gambach, married to
Malchen STRAUSS about 1809 Geiss-Nidda - 10 September 1877 Gambach

4) Guedel GRUENEBAUM 1798 probably Gambach, married 1817 Muenzenberg to ?

5) Moses GRUENEBAUM 1804 Gambach - 15 April 1871 Gambach, cut-goods trader,
married 2 April 1832 Gambach to Babette (Liebet, Betha) ROSENBAUM 1810 Gambach - 7
June 1852 Gambach

6) Graile (Carolina) GRUENEBAUM 1806 Gambach, married 10 March 1846
Muschenheim to Joseph BAMBERGER about 1800 Muschenheim

7) Jesaias (Scheier) GRUENEBAUM 1809 Gambach - 20 May 1823 Gambach

8) Rebeca (Riefgen) GRUENEBAUM 1812 Gambach, married 3 December 1835
Kirchgoens to Isaac MAIER Kirchgoens

I am very interested in adding to what I know about these people and their
descendants. I am even more interested in finding out about earlier ancestors.

I have not yet had the opportunity to look through records that the Mormons
have copied for Staden and Muenzenberg which should have further data on the
families of Schoenle and Guedel. Has anyone copied these records?

Many descendants of this family moved to the US, especially Baltimore, in
the 19th century. The spelling GREENEBAUM was usually used. This included
my great-grandmother Caroline, a daughter of Moses, who married my
great-grandfather Nathan Carl BAER in New York on 15 May 1867. They
returned to Germany about 1873.

Ralph N. Baer Washington, DC

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