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Ury Link

Dear Genners,
Iets van Straten give in his book "Jewish Surnames in Amsterdam", Bennekom
2002 on page 157 the name of a family with the acronym name B"Sj (Bet - Shin)
what is Brile Slijper waht mean a optician. Also he said that it can be
Brile Socher what mean some one who deal in glasses.

Paul Levy in his book "Les noms des Israelites en France", Paris 1960 on page 106
give his explanation to the name BASCH as a name that is comparble with the name
BASS . Under the name BASS he said that this name is comparble with (BASCH),

Eliezer Rabinowich in his article in "Reshumot" (a chronicle ) , Devir
publishing, Tel Aviv 1927 on page 310 give a explanation to the name BASCH
that it is a acronym of B"Sh (Bet - Shin) and it mean Bat Sheva. Bat Sheva
is a Biblicale women given name.

Meir Heilperin in his book " Ha-Notrikon, Ha-Simanim Ve-Hakinuim" Darom
publishing,Jerusalem 1930 on page 53 said the same as Rabinowich that the
name BASCH is a acronym of B"S (Bet - Shin) and it mean Bat Sheva and the
origin of this family are >from Prague. By the way, Alexander Beider in his
book "Jewish Surnames in Prague", Avotaynu 1995 on page 30 give only the
name BASS as a bass-viol or contrabass but not as BASCH.
But Mr Beider give the acronym B"S (Bet - Shin) as Bier-Schenk like the
same what Mrs. Gutman do in a letter >from today to the digest.

William Stern in "Udim zeitschrift der Rabbinerkonferenz in der
Bundesrepublik Deutschland", Frankfurt am Main 1973 on page 132 give the
explanation that the family name BASCH is a acronym of B"S (Bet - Shin) and
it mean Ben Shimeon or BRASCH = Ben Rabi Shimeon.

I think that it is enough explanation for the name BASCH as a acronym. We can get
more explanation for the acronym B"S like Ben Shemuel, Ben Shabtai, Ben Shimson,
Ben Shlomo etc.......

My favorite explanation is that BASCH is a cantor, but this is only my opinion.
All the books that I mentioned are in my home so I have the information directly
from the books. Best regards.
Ury Link Amsterdam Holland

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