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Dan Nussbaum posted as follows:

"Most Jewish onamasticians disagree with Kaganoff about "Falk." They think it
is a diminutive for Raphael, not a kinui for Joshua." ======>

Hilchot Gitin (Jewish divorce law) books agree with Kaganoff that the
Yiddish name Falk and some of its variants were kinuim for the Hebrew given
names Yehoshua and Yoshua. For example, the book "Get Mesudar" which
applies to Ashkenaz regions for the 19th century state this. This means
that Jewish law mandates that the name Yehoshua haMechune Falk must be
written (in Hebrew characters) in a Get (Jewish divorce contract) to
identify the man if he had those two names.

It is possible that those onomasticians to whom Mr Nussbaum may be
referring mistook the name Falk for some of the known Yiddish nicknames
which WERE used in Germany for men who had the Hebrew name Refaeyl, e.g.,
Fael. The mistake could be made by identifying the Yiddish nickname Falek
(a variant of Falk) as being similar to the name Fael, when in fact it was
never (to my knowledge) used by Jews in conjunction with the Hebrew name
Refaeyl, but only Yehoshua.

These names are included in the Germany Given Names Data Base web site on
JewishGen at < > and illustrate the
above name relationships.

I believe that Kaganoff was correct.

Professor G. L. Esterson, Ra'anana, Israel <>

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