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Judith Elam

Here is my reply


You can e-mail Lilian LEVY at the Association of Jewish Refugees at
jrc@... to request Kindertransport records. However they will only
release them upon proof of death of the Kinder and if you are a direct
descendant. If the Kinder is still alive, only that person can obtain the
records. These records are not available to the general public.

On Ancestry.com I found that Joseph BRAUNOLD died in March 1984 in
Sunderland. In 1954 he was living in the Glasgow area, and Sunderland by
1958. In the phone books he is listed as "Rev" starting 1958.

Philipp KLAUS's father was Daniel KLAUS of Wertheim, and his uncle was John
HOLBIG of NY. Philipp was born Dec 11, 1894.

Judith Elam
Kihei, HI

Subject: Introduction and Search
From: debilif@...
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2011 15:58:35 +0200
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I have been doing genealogical research for about six years. I am
proficient using the internet for genealogical research. I speak, read
and write English and Hebrew fluently, French almost fluently. My
German is rudimentary...but I can at times decipher pertinent short
I am researching my maternal grandmother's family, which -- pre-World
War I -- was basically in France and Germany.

However, I have just found two distant relations (we have cousins in
common), who escaped to Great Britain during the war. I have searched
the UK database on JewishGen prior to this posting.I found one tenuous
match, detailed below.

I am looking for Joseph BRAUNOLD born 9 March 1924 in Fulda, Germany.
He was in England during the war. I do not know if he was on the
kindertransport or whether he came to England via some other process.
I have no further information. His parents and siblings were
I am also looking for Philipp KLAUS born 1894 Wertheim, Germany. He
was in England during the war, but eventually emigrated >from England
to the US and died in NY in 1967. He was Joseph's uncle. His father
died before the war, his mother and siblings were exterminated.

The only possible match I found >from my initial search on the UK
databases on JewishGen was: Rev J. Braunold - source Harold Davis. No
other details.

If anyone has any ideas where, how to start looking, I would be very
Similarly, I would like to know how to find Kindertransport children,
or whether there are privacy issues.
Thanks so much,
Debbie Lifschitz,
Jerusalem, Israel

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