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Catherine Gordon

I am hoping that someone will be able to help me break through a brick wall.
I stopped research on the family of my one of my great grandmothers some
time ago because I wasn?t getting anywhere. I have just come back to it and
I am rather disappointed to say that despite my improved knowledge and
research and the massive amount of information available to me, I have found

This is what I knew;

My great grandmother was known as Annie. She was married to Louis Freedson.
My grandma (her daughter) said that she was always called Annie and
remembers no other names for her. Her only surviving child also only
remembers her being called Annie or Alke (Yiddish). Both thought that her
surname was something like Machinski or Marchinski (and this could be
spelled in any way). Neither new of any siblings for her but I would be
surprised if there weren?t any. They remembered that their parents were
married in London. They knew that they had come >from ?Vilna? and that they
had come via Hull to Manchester in the UK.

This is what I have been able to find out;

I visited the Police Museum in Manchester and obtained a copy of her alien
registration record. These are notoriously inaccurate as the information
that was being reported wasn?t seen as important and there are obvious
mistakes in it. In this, Annie is recorded as having the name, before
marriage of Mishinski. Three addresses are listed ? 32 Mary Street,
Strangeways, 15 Peru Street, Broughton and 7 Harrogate Avenue, Prestwich ?
all of these are familiar to me and are known addresses and places that the
family lived in Manchester. She is stated as having come >from ?Russia? in
1900, and her Nationality and Birthplace are recorded as ?Russian? and Vilna
respectively. Her Birth Date is recorded as March 1892. (If she really came
to the UK in 1900 it is likely she came with family and my grandma and her
brother were fairly sure that she came as an adult so this is questionable).
Her marriage is recorded as July 5th 1910 (I thought this to be too early
for the children?s births and possibly a mistake).

I obtained the marriage certificate. She is recorded on the marriage
certificate as Leah Miriam Marsinsky. The only reason that I can think of
that she dropped the name and became Annie is that her husband?s only sister
was called Leah, and it is likely that he didn?t like calling them by the
same name! The marriage was on July 5th 1914. This is the same date as on
the police record but now correct year. Her father is shows as Eleazer
Marsinsky. There is no professional or rank for him, but he isn?t shown as
deceased either. (see info for marriage authorisation below). They were
married >from Buxton Street in London. I don?t know if she had family in
London or if they were married there because my great grandfather?s sister
lived there (which she did ? and she was the only sibling, in the UK, with a
family already). Her age is shown as 22.

I have obtained the authorisation for the marriage. This shows that she was
Leah Miriam Marsinsky, native of Russia, not married before and fathers name
Eliezer. It also states that the Witness was the grooms mother in law! I
have no information about this and my grandma and her siblings NEVER said
anything about their grandma being in the UK. It is possible that she
visited for the wedding of course. It shows the status as îáé àáåä which
means that she comes '>from her father's home' (in other words he was alive
at the time), as opposed to a differing status should he have been deceased.
It doesn't technically mean that she came >from there, just that he was

I have obtained the death certificate. This shows that she died on 10th June
1963 in Manchester aged 71 years.

I have located and visited her grave. This shows her Hebrew name as àìèò áú
àìéòæø (Alta daughter of Eliezer). It doesn?t contain any other useful

I have found the birth records for the 7 surviving children (and the only
ones that I know of). They show her surname to be ? Masinsky, Marshinsky,
Marsinsky, Mashinsky, Marshinsky, Machinsky, Marsinske.

All of this information basically leaves me with what I had a few years
Her name was Leah Miriam Masinsky (or similar) and became Annie Freedson
later on.
She was born, probably in March 1892 or thereabouts, probably somewhere in
Vilna (big place!) and her father was called Eliezer.
She came to the UK and married in 1914, at which time I think both her
parents were alive and her mother was at the wedding in London and she
subsequently lived and brought up her family in Manchester.
I know nothing about any siblings that she may or may not have had. I know
nothing about who she came to the UK with or exactly when she came. It is
possible that she came with her husband before they were married BUT she is
not recorded on the 1911 census with him. I have found him, but not yet her.
I have run out of credit and as this is the only record that I am still
searching for, and I can't remember if I looked for it previously, this one
will have to wait for the moment. I suspect that was here in 1911 and in
fact came here in 1910 but this pure guesswork based on the fact that I
think the recording of 1900 on the Alien Register could be a mistake that
was meant to be 1910. Like I say - pure guesswork at this stage and nothing

If anyone can help me with any information at all I would be eternally
grateful. I have searched all the usual places but I have come up with
nothing. There are some records with similar surnames in London and also in
Hull but I have been as yet unable to make any progress with matching
anything of any use. I have found nothing regarding her passage to the UK
(unlikely but I have some of the ones I was looking for), no progress in
finding her birth or her siblings etc.

I moved >from Manchester in the UK to Israel in August so I am no longer in a
position to research in the UK in person at my leisure but I can do so on
visits should any leads come up in the UK.

Kind Regards
Catherine Gordon
Researching for my family GOLDSTONE (FIG), GELLER, KUTCZER (KOTCHER), BRO
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