JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom Re: Cemetery Request - SCHENKEL, Cheshunt Cemetery #unitedkingdom

Michael Waas


I meant Cheshunt Cemetery of Adath Yisroel. I flipped the letters by
accident last night, must have been tired.



Michael Waas
Sarasota, FL


Is there anyone going to the Chestnut Cemetery by any chance? I am
looking for photos of the following three gravestones:

SCHENKEL HYMAN, 29 July 1969 =A0plot: D row 12, 9
SCHENKEL ISAAC, 22 June 1971 plot: D row 12,11
SCHENKEL LOTTIE (SLUTTA), 3 March 1987 plot: D row 12,10

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