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Elsebeth Paikin

For your information:

An important and interesting new website was put online today which might
have interest for many - not only in Denmark or Scandinavia:

In is based on David Simonsen's archive now at the Danish Royal Library in
Copenhagen. David Simonsen was a scholar, rabbi, philanthropist and much more.

I cannot here go into details about him or his fabulous archives, but you
can now read about it on the website. But let me underscore that David
Simonsen had contacts in many countries and was deeply involved in relief
work for refugees and immigrants.

- therefore check it out although you have never thought of Denmark
Just a few words about the archives >from the introduction on the website:

"Contents of the archives:

During the more than seventy years that have passed since the David Simonsen
Archives were acquired by the Royal Library, a number of attempts have been
made to make their vast contents more readily accessible to scholars.

However, none of these attempts came to fruition, and no comprehensive finding
aid has been available. The archives were kept in approximately 200 worn-down
and acidulous cardboard boxes, labelled, e.g; Private correspondence 1890-1924,
Jewish relief work 1890-1924.Particularly remarkable letters had been extracted
and sorted according to the name of the sender. The present list of
correspondents is the result of a cooperative effort between the Department for
Oriental and Judaica Collections and the Manuscript Department (by Karen Marie

The principles of organization used in the Manuscript Department have been
followed, and the David Simonsen Archives are now subdivided thus:

Manuscripts (David Simonsen's own works)
Dispatches (communiques, bulletins, memoranda, press releases)
Files (materials regarding specific topics)
Printed matters
Press cuttings

The greater part of the archives consists of David Simonsen's
correspondence, now made public through the present list and the website.
Best regards - and good luck!

Elsebeth Paikin, Copenhagen, Denmark
Coordinator & webmaster of JewishGen's SCANDINAVIA SIG

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