Re: INTRO: Researching FREUDENTHAL, ROSENSTOCK, DUBLON & more #germany

Fritz Neubauer

Marsha Rapp schrieb:
"For his particular last name, RAPP, I have no data. "

Dear Marsha,
the name RAPP is listed in the Memorial Book for the deportations to the
Baltic states:

Erna, maiden name LÖWENSTEIN, birth year 1897 in Fritzlar, state of Hesse
Günther, 1927 in Fulda Marga, 1931, in Fulda and
Siegfried, 1889, in Eiterfeld, district of Huenfeld

The last address of all of them was Fulda, Rhoenstr. 18a, all of them
were deported >from Kassel to Riga in 1942.

Let me know if you think you are related to them. With kind regards,

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany <>

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