Re: Zivilstandsregister at the Mormon Library - RESEARCH NOTE #germany

Ernest Kallmann <kallmann.ernest@...>

The "film notes" in the FHL catalog show that the main part of the 7
reels is marriage records (Eheprotokolle). Births are noted only for two
periods of two years each. There are also "miscellaneous" (Verschiedene)

The mention Zivilstandsregister seems to point at records made by a
civil (i.e. non-religious) authority. On the right bank of the Rhine,
this could only be the local nobleman owning Meerholz, if any. Usually
the word Zivilstand is limited to the left Rhine bank, where the French
occupation and temporary annexation >from 1798 to 1815 introduced civil
vital event recording. >from 1812 or so on, civil recording of the Jews
on the right bank was performed by he local Christian priest on special
registers, usually identified by "Jewish records" in the catalog, but
not always spotted by the filming squad.

My suggestion : try with one reel, according to the time frame you are
interested in.

Ernest Kallmann Suburban Paris, France <>

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