BODENHEIMER, LOEW, FABER, FUERST of Ruchheim and Karlsruhe #germany


I am looking for anyone who has any information concerning Helene Loew -
BODENHEIMER, who around 1840 married Loepold LOEW, who was a butcher and
lived in Ruchheim, today part of Ludwigshafen. Their son Markus (Max) LOEW
(also a butcher) married at the age of 24 in 1875 Fanny FUERST in Karlsruhe,
daughter of the merchant Jakob and his wife Zitona FUERST, both of Karlsruhe.
A relative who attended the civil wedding ceremony was Marx (or Max) FABER.

I would be very grateful if anyone who has any knowledge about these people
will contact me.

Gidon Lev (Guido Loew) Givatayim

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