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I am hoping to find information about obtaining records >from Synagogues that
existed in the UK in the late 1800's. My 3x great grandfather,
Abraham Saul BROWN, was a Shochet and Chazan at various synagogues >from
around 1870 until 1900. He died in 1908 in Palestine and a Jewish Chronicle
article about his death mentions the following:

He originally was a Shochet at Modlin, Poland. He then served as a Shochet at
Sunderland, probably in the 1870's. He then became Chazan and Shochet at
Nottingham, probably in the 1880's. Finally, he served in an honorary capacity
at the synagogue in Derby >from the 1890's until around 1905.

You can view the original clipping here:

I believe that two of the synagogues mentioned in the three cities above are no
longer in existence. In my research, I've found that I may be able to find
information >from the Sunderland Synagogue >from the Tyne & Wear Archives and I
plan on doing so. However, I do not know where to look for records >from
Nottingham and Derby. My assumption is that the synagogues >from which he served
are the following:

Sunderland - Sunderland Hebrew Congregation, Moor Street. No longer in existence.
Nottingham - Nottingham Hebrew Congregation, Chaucer Street. Still in existence
at a different location.
Derby - Derby Hebrew Congregation, Burton Road and previously Harriett Street.
No longer in existence.

If anyone can be of assistance with finding records of these congregations,
I would appreciate it. My goal is to find information linking my ancestor to
these synagogues and to learn more about his life.


Pete Tanner
Safety Harbor, Florida, USA

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