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Catherine Gordon

Dont forget the census does not ask how many were given birth too, it asks how many were born to this marriage...

What if the two parents were not the same. Older children often were no aware of previous marriages and saw siblings as siblings even though a parent was different so you cant rely on family remembrances etc

What if there was no marriage or no civil marriage? until later=20


On 7 Aug 2012, at 07:57, Snillop47@aol.com wrote:

Were they telling lies? I knew that my mother and her brother were born i=
Russia. One other child was born in Engand and died aged 2, soon after he=
father (my grandfather) died aged 33. In the 1911 Census my widowed=20
grandmother reported 5 children born and 2 survivors (my mother and her=20=
brother). There was no opportunity for 2 others to have been born and die=
d in=20
England as the father had died. I guess they had been born and died befor=
e the=20
family emigrated to England. =20
Harold Pollins
In a message dated 07/08/2012 02:41:09 GMT Daylight Time,=20
wilsonettess@yahoo.com writes:
My great-grandmother is listed as having given birth to 5 live children=20=
and 5=20
children are still alive - as per the 2 columns provided for such=20
and I am fully aware of all descendants of the said 5 children.
However, I have just managed to receive birth certificates of 2 other=20
born in the late 1870s., and one death cert. apertaining to one of the=20=
when he was 18 in 1895. so the truth was not told in the census, I have=20=
other family entries whereby 5 children born alive, 3 still living etc.,=20=
would one lie about such facts, was it due that the said children died in=
'old country'? =20
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