JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom What happened to Phillip, Leah, Harris, Annie & Henry GLADSTEIN/GLUDSTEIN? #unitedkingdom

Richard Gilbert

In 1891 my great great aunt was living a couple of doors away >from her own
family with a family by the name of GLADSTEIN. The parents of the household
in Great Garden Street were Phillip and Leah GLADSTEIN. I am trying to
establish whether they are related to my MALINSKY/MOLINSKY family that lived
a couple of doors away. The only other records in which I have found the
family are the birth indices for Harris, Annie and Henry and the school
admission records for each of the three children. However, and herein lies
the mystery, the last record I can find for any of the members of this
family is the school admission register for Henry GLUDSTEIN when he entered
Chicksand Street School in 1894. After that the trail goes cold. I have
used Ancestry to find the records I have for them. I can find no one that
fits their age profiles and names emigrating >from the UK. There are no
marriage or death records for them. I have looked for naturalisation
records at the National Archives and in the London Gazette. I have tried
the Jewish Chronicle's archives to see of someone paid to advertise a change
of name. I have even looked in the JRI Poland index to see if the parents
are listed there as having married as they both give Poland as their place
of birth, which is the same country which my family came from. Everywhere I
turn I come up with a brick wall. I should therefore welcome any
suggestions you might have to help me break through this brick wall. I may
be barking up the wrong tree but I need more evidence before I can discount
them as relatives.

Many thanks

Richard Gilbert
Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire

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