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I am a new member, Larry Schenker, >from Los Angeles, California, United
States and I want to thank you for allowing me to join this SIG. [See note below.]

I am writing to introduce myself and my research to the other
subscribers. By posting this information to this SIG, I would hope to
get any help and/or information that might be known about my ancestry

Below is information about the Surnames or any possible derivation of
the Surnames that I am searching for:
. BINENBAUM or any derivation of this Surname
. FORMAN or any derivation of this Surname
. WUBACK or any derivation of this Surname
. ABRAHAM-ITSKOVA or any derivation of this Surname
. GERSHKOVNA or any derivation of this Surname

The details follow:
BINENBAUM, Abram Beniaminowich born 1783 in Russian Poland. According to
the 1809 Russian Census he was living in Brest-Litovsk.
UNKNOWN MAIDEN NAME, Doba born 1777 in Russian Poland. According to the
1809 Russian Census she was living in Brest-Litovsk. Abram & Doba
married circa 1803 in possibly Brest-Litovsk.

FORMAN, Louis born circa 1830 in Russian Poland
WUBACK, Dora born circa 1830 in Russian Poland
Dora & Louis married circa 1850 in Russian Poland

FORMAN, Pesse daughter of Dora & Louis born May 25, 1852 in Russian
BINENBAUM, Israel Leon born circa 1860 in Russian Poland
Pesse & Israel married circa 1880 in Russian Poland

BINENBAUM, Anshel son of Pesse & Israel born August 15, 1881 in Brisk,
ABRAHAM-ITSKOVA or possibly GERSHKOVNA, Tsiva or Ciwze born circa 1881
in Russian Poland
Tsiva or Ciwze & Anshel married circa 1902 in possible Brest-Litovsk,

BINENBAUM, Jackal (my father) first son of Tsiva or Ciwze & Anshel born
June 8, 1904 in Brest-Litovsk, Russia. He might have had a twin sibling
who died at birth or shortly after birth.

BINENBAUM, Gutman (Gimann) second son of Tsiva or Ciwze & Anshel born
March 1, 1906 in Brest-Litovsk, Russia.

BINENBAUM, Anshel left his wife (Tsiva or Ciwze), young sons (Jackal)
and (Gimann) and mother (Pesse) in Brest-Litovsk, Russia in March or
April 1906 and traveled to Germany, then onto a port city in either
France, Belgium or The Netherlands. Then Anshel traveled to Liverpool
England (stopping for at least one night in Sheffield - where he had an
older brother living). Then on May 18, 1906 he boarded the vessel S/S
Haverford and arrived in Philadelphia, PA USA on May 28, 1906. Shortly
thereafter he traveled to New York City and in 1910 we find him living
at 29 Ridge Street, New York City, NY USA. This was on the Lower East
Side. Sometime after his arrival in the United States he assumed the
name of Jacob SCHENKER.

In 1911, Tsiva or Ciwze, Jackal, Gimann & Pesse traveled >from Brest-
Litvosk to Antwerp to board the Lapland (Red Star Line) and sailed to
New York City. They arrived on December 12, 1911 and immediately went to
join Anshel BINENBAUM (now called Jacob SCHENKER) at either 32 Attorney Street
or 220 Madison Street, both on the Lower East Side, New York City, NY USA.

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