Re: The female name Sprintz - RESOURCE CITATION #germany

Christof Eberstadt <CPA-Eberstadt@...>

In my family there was a Sprinz in Worms-Hessen, who adopted the first
name "Franziska" in 1808 when, due to a Napoleonic law, Jews had to
choose new names. I quite often found this transformation
Sprinz-Franziska in other families, while I did not had Sprinz-Sofie

In Worms, 513 Jews are counted in the 1808-act and most of them
presented by their old an their new name. Often the new name was
identical with the old one. I have the complete list, in copy of the
handwritten act, and typed, sorted by number, family name, and first
name. I have also a list comparing the 1808 list with the list of 1801,
when birth dates and places were given. If someone's interested in
information, she and he can contact me directly.

Christof Eberstadt Searching Worms famlies Erlangen, Germany

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