INTRO- Was William Henry ADLER Germany/South Africa/London - Jewish?? #germany

Caroline <cfb@...>

Dear GerSig,
I have just joined this group and only been researching my genealogy
sporadically over the last few months - so apologise for any naivity in advance.

I'm >from Lancaster, England and don't speak any other languages - as yet. I
have only recently discovered that my great, great grandfather was a German
Jew (William Henry ADLER) although I'm told he probably wasn't practising.
He was born in Germany but also lived in South Africa where he discovered
gold (he was an explorer) and built the first 2-storey house in J'burg) and
then London. He married a Cecaelia Virgotinni (Italian) and their daughter
Myra Rosa Adler was my great-grandmother.

My great, great, grandfather - William Henry ADLER is listed in the 1901
census as below. However, I have been asked whether I'm sure he really as
a Jew. My source is an aunt who says he was a non-practising Jew. Does
anyone have any advice as to how I might confirm this - ultimately trace his
parents in Germany I guess?

Also, what defines someone as a Jew - especially if they were born in
Germany and not practising? Would his parents have to have come from
Israel/or be practising Jews? The knowledge I have so far is as follows:

William Henry ADLER (1845- ?) married Cecaelia Virgotinni 1854-? (Italian)
Children : Cecil G. 1876-? (architect's clerk);
Benjamin H. 1879-? (Lieutenant Royal Fusiliers);
Myra Rosa Adler 1880-1932 married Roger Raoul-Duval 1877-1917 (French)
Children: Raymonde Peace Audrey Raoul-Duval (my grandmother) & Jacques Raoul-Duval

Sources included:
1) ENGLISH CENSUS 1901 as follows:

William H. ADLER, Head, 56, living on own means, born in Germany,
naturalized Br. subject
Cacelia E. Wife, 47, born in Orange Free State (Africa) (checkmark
seems to indicate naturalized also, same for son Cecil, below)
Cecil G. Son, 25, articles clerk, born in Orange Free State
Benjamin H. Son, 22, 2nd Lt. in 4th Batt. Royal Fusilliers, born in
Durban, Natal (Africa)
Myra R. Dau, 20, born London, S. Kensington
Ruby Dau in law, 27, born in Durban, Natal
Tibby EVANS Visitor, 21
Maud EVANS Visitor, 20
Thomas C. D. STRATTON (sp?) Visitor, 26, stockbroker agent
Albert MOSS Servant, 26, footman
Henry BALLDOOD Servant, 22, footman
Sarah A. Q----ton Servant, 46, cook
Maria T. LONQUE Servant, 34, ladysmaid (born in France)
Jane CLIFTON Servant, 37, housemaid
Ellen K. CHERRUF Servant, 26, housemaid
Ada M. OLIVER Servant, 20, housemaid
Elizabeth NOWTON Servant, 29, kitchenmaid
Grace SPRAGGS Servant, 17, scullerymaid

The family dwelled at 101 Harrow Weald Park, Middlesex. (census district 15)

He must have been Wilhelm Heinrich Adler
re 4th battalion:
1900.02.31 4th Battalion, The Royal Fusiliers raised at Dover
1900.02 England: Dover
1902 Woolwich
1904 Ireland: Dublin
1906 Mullingar
1909 England: Aldershot
1912 Parkhurst
1914.08 France and Flanders 3 Div
1919 Iraq
1920 India

My primary research goals now are to find out:

A Where William Henry ADLER was born (and his wife)/obtain birth/death certs
B Who his parents were and whether they were practising Jews
C Whether his wife Cecealia (Cecillia?) was a Jew
D Whether his sons survived the war and had familes of their own
E Any other details/information going about them and their forebears

Caroline Faunce-Brown Lancaster, England

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