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Ann Linder

A year ago I posted this message and I am reposting in the hope that
someone might recognize and make a connection.

Last Rosh Hashana, I learned via the Polish Red Cross and ITS that a
first cousin of my mother survived the war.

We thought all ROTENBERG family members were slaughtered until my
research revealed that Estera ROTENBERG survived.
Estera ROTENBERG, born 1926 in Stopnice Poland was one of 8 brothers
and sisters. Her mother was Bajla Rivka (my mother's Aunt), her
father was Aron Lejba (aka Munysz). At some point Estera was living
in Gliwice, Poland on
Zabrowska Street. Thereafter, the Polish Red Cross has documentation
that she registered with the Central Committee in Warsaw in 1957. She
may have indeed stayed in Poland or made aliyah to Israel, or
emigrated to USA. I have good reason to think- if indeed she
emigrated- she may have gone to England b/c there were several aunts &
cousins already in England before WWII.

It is possible she is still living, altho she would be almost 90
years of age, and I would very much like to attempt to locate her. My
mother is close to 90 & it would be a Major event for her to locate a
1st cousin! Can anyone help w/this search? It is obviously more
difficult to find female relatives as names change with marriage. It
is possible that Estera was raised in an observant home and continued
to be observant/Orthodox. Search methods would also be most welcome.
Thanks a

Ann Linder

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