JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom Jewish Year Book for 1907-1908 #unitedkingdom

Logan Kleinwaks

The Jewish Year Book for 5668-9 (1907-1908), edited by Isidore Harris
and published in 1907 by Greenberg & Co. of London, is now searchable
at http://genealogyindexer.org. Searches include this source and all
others by default. You can restrict a search to just this source by
appending {d889} to your search term, like this: rabinowitz {d889}.

Search results link directly to scans of the corresponding pages on
Google Books. The book can also be searched there at
http://books.google.com/books?id=YoQpAAAAYAAJ. There might be
differences in search results between the sites, due to the use by
both of not-completely-accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
You can do soundex, wildcard, and other advanced searching at

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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