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Madeleine Isenberg

Hi All,

I'm a relative newcomer to this SIG although have participated in at
least 3 others (H-SIG, Gesher Galicia, Czech-Austria SIG). In
actuality I am British born, but live in California, so I hadn't
thought too much about some of the issues I have been reading about,
but I think I need some help or suggestions on where to find

My grandfather, born in Kielce, Poland, Israel Khanyshkevitch (not
exactly certain how this name was spelled, but this seems to be how it
was written) arrived in London sometime in 1912. While he was quite
intelligent, could do tons of arithmetic in his head, and could read
Hebrew and Yiddish, he never learned to read or write English. My
grandmother and three children arrived about a year later. My mother
was their fourth and last child and the only one born on British soil.
The family name changed to Schakovitch (or Shakovitch) and was further
shortened to Sacks, at least by the children. Legal name changes were
found in the London Gazette, and my mother even told me she changed
hers via "Deed Poll."

I'm not sure if the inability to even read English would have
prevented my grandfather >from becoming a British subject. My
grandmother did learn to read English on her own.

So here are my questions:

1. Would my grandparents have been required to have "Alien
Registration cards?" If so, at what time? Before WW I or WW II?

2. In the late 1950s, I believe my grandparents traveled to
Switzerland for a grandson's wedding. How would they have obtained
"Laissez-Passer" documents to travel, if they didn't have passports
and where would they have obtained them?

3. For both of the above, to whom or >from where would I have to
request copies of such documents?

Thanks in advance,

Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA

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