JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom Warner N. Gilbert of Harrow and mother Doris Zutermann Ginsberg b. 1870 - Can you help? #unitedkingdom

Hazel Dakers

Barbara Algaze wrote to me enquiring:

I am looking for information regarding the descendants of a man by the name
of Warner N. Gilbert who submitted a Page of Testimony at the Yad Vashem
web page for his Mother, Doris Zutermann Ginsberg, on which he gave his
address as 15 Warden Avenue, Harrow (Middx), England. It turns out that
Dore/Doris Zutermann is on my family tree as a niece of my Great Great
I have been trying to make contact with someone (anyone) >from this family
for years and this is my first clue. I wonder if there is any way that you
can help me to contact Mr. Gilbert or one of his descendants?

(The Page of Testimony is dated 1977 and his Mother was born in 1870, so
I am guessing that Mr. Gilbert is most probably deceased. I am also
guessing that the family changed its name >from Ginsberg to Gilbert at one
time, and Warner may even have been Werner.)

Replies direct to Barbara in the US algaze3@gmail.com


Hazel Dakers, London UK
BIRNBAUM (Zgierz & Lodz, Poland), GOLD (Zgierz & Lodz, Poland), HEIMANN
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