JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom Warner N. Gilbert of Harrow and mother DorisZutermann Ginsberg b. 1870 - Thank you #unitedkingdom

Hazel Dakers

Many thanks to those of you who replied to Barbara Algaze with information
concerning the people she is researching and suggestions as to where else
she might look. (Barbara and I briefly corresponded about another name which
is how she came to ask me about tracing descendants of a Mr Gilbert in
Harrow). I think she has had some fantastic responses!

Hazel Dakers, London UK researching:

BIRNBAUM (Zgierz & Lodz, Poland), GOLD (Zgierz & Lodz, Poland), HEIMANN
(Luegde, Germany & South Africa), NORDEN (London and South Africa)

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