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Toby Bird

Dear Genners,

I am trying to track a VOGEL family that appears in a 1901 census
living at 31 Yalford St. in Mile End Old Town. On the bottom of a page
is listed Solomon VOGEL (it's mangled and looks something like Vuzel)
who is 32, head of the household, a Ladies Tailor, and Russian

On the next page the first entry is his wife Fannie VOGEL, age 34, a
Russian subject.
Schepsel VOGEL is listed as father, widower, 70 years old and a Russian subject.
The children, all Russian subjects are:
Yetta, 10 years old, Russian subject
Herman 8 " "
Sarah 7 " "
Isadore 4 " "

Millie MANDELBAUM 19 years old, boarder, tailoress, Russian subject
Fanny VOGEL 20 years old, boarder, " "

I cannot find a trace of Schepsel Vogel after this census, neither a
death date nor a burial.
His son Solomon and family do appear in a 1911 census, living at 86
Brady St. Mansions, Whitechapel s, now with the name spelled FOGAL.
They have two additional children, no boarders.

Does anyone have any idea of how I can trace what happened to
Schepsel? Where he and Solomon's family came >from in Russia? When he
died? Where he's buried? And what happened to Solomon VOGEL and his

Thank you for any help or suggestions you provide,
FRUTKO, FRUTKOFF, MARMOR, KAPLAN, FREEDMAN, all >from Kovna gubernia, Lithuania
BIRD, VOGEL, England, Russia

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