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Elena Bazes

The Israel Genealogy Research Association is proud to announce that in
less than six years the IGRA database team, headed by Rose Feldman and
assisted by Daniel Horowitz, Carol Hoffman and a league of volunteers,
has made available to the public over 1,000,000 records relating to
Eretz Israel >from the Ottoman Empire through the British Mandate to
the State of Israel.

A preview of the databases is available at

New Databases

Dublin Committee for the Relief of Russian, Polish and Palestine Jews
293 listings

This database is in English and contains the names and amounts of
those who contributed. The information comes >from the British Library.
(Images available.)

Hashomer Hatzair Youth 1946-47 782 listings

This group was organized in Poland and was ready to come to Palestine
under the auspices of the HaShomer HaTzair Youth. The information may
include name, date, birth year, locality, country, gender and
comments. The file was located at Yad Ya'ari Archives, Givat Haviva.
(Images available.)

Petach Tikva Marriage and Divorces 1928-1931 686 listings

This set of records is in Hebrew and comes >from the Petach Tikva
History Archives and Museum. The records include the date, locality
and status of each individual. (Images available.)

1940 Prohibited Immigrants 1,633 listings

This list includes people who were not granted permission to come into
Palestine in 1940. Name, gender, age and nationality are available
for each individual. IGRA received this information >from the Israel
State Archives. (Images available.)

Members of Histadrut Hamorim 1940 2,713 listings

This list includes all members of the Teachers' Union and was obtained
from the Tel Aviv University. Besides the names of the teacher, there
may also be the locality, neighborhood and name of the educational
institution. (Images available.)

Municipal Employees Petach Tikva 1948 108 listings

This database is built >from material at the Petach Tikva History
Archives and Museum. For each worker the locality, birth year,
occupation and place of employment may be available. (Images

1963 Telephone Directory-Volume 2 Letters A, E and F 5,605 listings

Using the CSI (Crowd Sourced Indexing) program, our volunteers have
made available the people listed in this volume of the 1963 Israeli
telephone directory. The phone book is in English. We will be adding
to this database regularly. (Images available.)

Tombstones of the Jewish Cemetery of Salonica, Greece 2,143 listings

The basis of this database is >from a book written by Michael Molho
found in the National Library of Israel. The images are of the index
of tombstones found in this book.

Updated Databases

Enlistment to the British Army >from Petach Tikva 1942 190 listings

In addition to the names of the enlistees, the following information
may be available: the address, locality, date and unit/squadron. The
data comes >from the Petach Tikva History Archives and Museum. (Images

1931-1940 Jerusalem Marriages 5,601 listings

These records represent an update to the existing database of
marriages in the ledgers of the Sephardi and Oriental Communities in
Jerusalem found in the Jerusalem Municipal Archives. The records
contains names of brides and grooms with names of their fathers and
the date of their marriage. The ledger belongs to the Council of the
Sephardi and Oriental Communities, Jerusalem, who have given
permission to publish this database. (No images available.)

Palestine Marriage/Divorce Certificates 860 listings

The listings may include: name, name of parent, occupation of parent,
witness name and occupation, date, locality, address, age, religion,
occupation. These records are part of a project in cooperation with
the Israel State Archives. (Images available.)

Engagements 2016 858 listings

This database may include the following information that was listed on
the Internet: the name, date, locality, gender, education and status.
(No images available.)

Name Changes 1954 4,328 listings

The official government publication "Yalkut HaPirsumim" regularly
published the name changes which includes: the former name, the new
name (in both cases first and last names), the locality and the date.
(Images available.)

Operation on Eagles Wings September 1949 8,637 listings

This database is done in cooperation with the American Jewish Joint
Distribution Committee (JDC). These immigrants came >from Yemen in an
amazing effort to save this important population. (No images

Before viewing the databases, please register for free on the IGRA website:


To view the databases, go to http://genealogy.org.il/AID/index.php

Please note, images can be seen by paid IGRA members only. If you are
not an IGRA member, you will be able to see the transcriptions only.

Thank you to all our volunteers for a job well done.

Elena Biegel Bazes
IGRA Publicity Chairperson

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