JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom Re: Names in London(?) synagogue ledger #unitedkingdom


From: "Yissochor Marmorstein"<ymarmorstein@talktalk.net> :

The following names appear in an old ledger recording names (English
and Hebrew) of synagogue members. It is probably >from a 19th-20th
century synagogue in the East End (or West End) of London. I wondered
if any readers ... snipped ...
Try searching some of the less usual names in the London burial society
lists. Start with the Federation (Rainham and Edmonton) and then the
Adath Israel Burial Society (Enfield and Chesunt) as these are the
easiest. Then do a search for each of the United Synagogue burial ground
choices on their site. If many of names appear >from one source and not
the others, then you know at least >from which synagogue organization the
ledger is likely from.

Of the more common names on your ledger, can you please look up the
family name DAVIDSON who are >from the East End of London. ISMACH was the
original family name and convoluted by family in England to ISHMA when
they were asked about the family history. I am particularly interested
in finding out about my great-great-grandfather Isaac DAVIDSON (a
widower >from Lomza, Poland). The last that was heard of him is when his
son Alter passed away in December 1938 (>from Davidson Bakery, Cable
Street), the family put an announcement in the Jewish Chronicle and
mentions "father". I do not know whether he is the "closed" record on
the 1939 registry. Cannot find a civil death registration in the UK nor
his grave. Closest match with regard to age etc is a church minister in
a London inner-city neighborhood - obviously not a Yiddish speaker.

David Ziants
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

Researching on paternal ancestry: ZIANTS, ZENETSKI (became SCHLOSSBERG),
FRIEDMAN, ISMACH (became DAVIDSON and OSMAN), ALPERT all >from possibly:
Narewka, Lomza, Lodz, Bielsk, Warsaw (Poland).

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