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Dick Plotz

My great-grandfather Dr Joseph Isaac Bluestone (1860-1934), who
migrated >from Kalvarija, Lithuania to New York in 1880, was a delegate
to the 1903 Zionist Conference in Basel. He wrote in his memoirs that
on his way he visited his wife's cousins Max and Isaac OPPENHEIM,
probably brothers, in London. Isaac was married to Minnie, and Max was
a bookseller.

I've tried over the years to identify Max and Isaac in various
databases, but have had no luck. OPPENHEIM as a surname and Max and
Isaac as given names are too common to be sure that anyone with either
name is the right one, and as most Oppenheims are German Jews and not
Litvaks, the presumption is against any particular one being the right
one. Also, since I'm trying to determine if either brother had a
family, and if so, to find living descendants, a simple listing of a
name in a directory or membership list is not likely to be very

Dr Bluestone's mother-in-law, my great-great-grandmother Feige Dvora,
was a daughter of Louis (probably Leib) Oppenheim of Vishtinetz (now
Vistytis). She had a brother David Shlomo in New York and brothers
Sholom and Tanchel as well. I don't know whether Max and Isaac were
sons of one of these or of another brother whose name I don't know.

I would appreciate any leads that might help me identify Max and Isaac
Oppenheim, especially if they lead to contacts with living

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

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