INTRO: Researching MOSES-Berlin #germany

Barbara Glicksberg <bglicks@...>

Hello GerSig-

I hope this gets through; I have been having trouble with the plain text.

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I have been doing genealogy seriously for 3 years or so, but consider myself
a novice in German genealogy. I live in urban Washington state, USA.
My native language is English & I know some French & Spanish. I consider myself
an intermediate user of the computer.

I know the birth & death dates of all of my grandparents, some of my great
grandparents, & some of my great-greats. I am hoping to fill in the blanks for
the others. I am researching the following:

MOSES- Berlin
GUTSTADT-Prussia & upper New York state
LIEBENSTEIN-Bavaria, possibly Bierstadt (Boerstadt, Burstadt)
MILIUS-Zweibrucken, Bavaria & Cincinnati,OH

Barbara Glicksberg bglicks@... Seattle, Washington

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