Dead End in Bromberg? (SIMON and LESSER) #germany

David Bendory <david90@...>

Some time ago, I discovered in my GGF's and GGGF's naturalization papers
in NYC that they were >from "Bromberg, Germany." The consensus of the SIG
was that Bromberg must be the city that is today Bydgoszcz, Poland.

I wrote to the Bydgoszcz archives in search of the birth certificates of
my GGF Charles SIMON and great uncle Jacob SIMON and of the marriage
certificate of my GGGF Michael SIMON to Pauline LESSER, but there were no
records found for any of these events.

I would appreciate suggestions >from the SIG on how to proceed. In
* Are the archivists in Bydgiszcz accurate and thorough in their searches?
* Should I try the LDS films anyway?
* Perhaps I would do better to hire a researcher in Bydgoszcz?
* Maybe "my" Bromberg is a different Bromberg >from Bydgoszcz?

Thank you for your input.

David Bendory Livingston, NJ david@...

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SIMON, LESSER, MEYER >from Bromberg, Germany
Hungarian KOHN, POPPER, BRAUCH, HECHT in Resita, Timisoara, Anina
Romanian SCHWARTZ, VACSMAN in Botosani or Braila, Romania
Romanian HARR in Yutz (Iashi?), Romania

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