JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom Seeking possible child of Rita Weinstein, would have been born 1947 #unitedkingdom


Searching for possible child of my mother, Rita Marilyn Weinstein, who
arrived in London on February 9th, 1947 and left London October 16th, 1947.
My mother was sent to live with cousins Nathan and Stella Parnes during this
period of time. She lived with the Parnes family (who were her cousins) at
** Christenchurch Avenue, Brandesbury P.K. NW 6.
At the time my mother was 18 years old. Because of some documents I have
found >from my mother’s collection of documents and letters, I have some
reason to believe that she may have been sent there to give birth to a
child. I assume this child would have been adopted. If anyone has ideas
of how to research this, and if possible some hints, I would greatly
appreciate this!

Thank you very much and L’shanah Tovah to all,

Pamela Faith Lerman
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