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Laura Mayer

Hi there

I am trying to find family members >from the Jacob Orkovitch (Or
Arkovitch) or Eve Orkovitch (Jacob's daughter) who was my 3x grand
grandfather and great aunt and >from the descendants of Kate and Marks
Bernstein (my great grandparents).

I found out quite recently that my grand father - George Edward
Jackson (known as Ted) was actually born Emanuel Bernstein to Kate and
Marks and had brothers Aaron, Philip and Solomon and sisters Annie and
Miriam. They lived in Mile End Old Town and Kate and the girls were
seamstresses. I know Aaron and Emanuel were put in the Knights Hill
Jewish Orphange after Marks' death but there is no leaving date. My
mother talks about his brother Jack who was a barber in Golders Green
she thinks, but there is no indication of a brother Jack. As 'Ted'
created a new identity maybe so did Aaron ??

My nan talks about Grandad running away >from home to join the Navy
during WW1 and was sent back as he was still too young - maybe he hot
footed it >from 'the home' rather than home as such ? We know that
when he couldn't join the British Navy he ran away to the States. At
some point then he changed his whole identity. He talked about riding
the trains and then he joined the Navy. The US Navy has no records of
this but my Nan had a photo of him in his US Navy Uniform on a US boat
so it definitely did happen! Of course we have no idea what name he
used, if either of those two ! He also said he became naturalised and
to celebrate had the Eagle tattooed on his back. He returned some time
in or before 1922 to marry my Nan as George Edward Jackson. He then
became a merchant seaman, then docker and had 6 children before dying
in the 1950's due to a genetic heart condition (maybe so did

My mother remembers his mother and his sisters at his funeral calling
him Manny. My grandmother was offered work by Kate also but refused
as Grandad hated his mother so much - something to do with the

I have Jacob and Eve on the 1901 census then nothing! There is a
Jacob travelling to the states in 1902 which says he is travelling
with children and a German national but who knows if he lied (he is
stated as Russian on the census) due to the political situation in
Russia at that time to get into the States ? Maybe Grandad went to
see him when he absconded to the States sometime around 1915?

I have hit so many brick walls ! I do hope I can find out more here.

Kind regards

Laura Mayer
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