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Hilary Pillin

My great, great grandmother was Julia COWAN b1824 in Finsbury, Middlesex,
London. She married (I believe) a William Young who was a lot older than her,
b. 1798, and they had my great-grandfather Alexander in 1858. In the 1851
Anglo-Jewry Database there is reference to Julia's father being Yechutiel
HACHOEN. Julia had two brothers, Solomon and Isaac and three sisters Fanny,
Sarah and Hannah.

I am trying to find any kind of documentation relating to birth, marriage or
death of any of these individuals, and am particularly interested in the
father - Yechutiel. Is there an equivalent English first name? And is there
any way I can find out how and when he came to be in England/London? The
myriad of databases is a bit overwhelming and so far I have not been able to
uncover anything about Yechutiel. I have the 1851 census showing Solomon and
Julia living at the same address in Finsbury, London, with Solomon's wife and
children (although Julia is listed as his daughter which must be incorrect).

My DNA heritage suggests I have 2.2% Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry and I am
intrigued if I can find out more about this.

Any advice or suggestions welcome.
Thank you

Hilary Pillin
Oxford, UK

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