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I am replying to Hilary Pillin's query: I note she comes >from Oxford -
my home town. There is a Jewish community in Oxford: I'm
sure someone there would be interested in helping.

Searching in Jewish genealogy is harder than for English genealogy. And when
Jews changed names, often they used the same initial letter, but not always.

Yechutiel could easily have become Donald or Ferdinand or Alexander -
whatever the man wanted.
Name changes & more importantly, Naturalizations were sometimes recorded in
the London Gazette: have a look at:
But everyone leaves a paper trail in history - principally the records for
birth, marriage, death, religious coming of age (circumcision,
May I suggest Hilary joins these online groups:
JGSGB; https://www.jgsgb.org.uk/
Ancestry: http://www.ancestry.co.uk - I don't think a serious genealogist
can work without being a subscriber to Ancestry.
www.FamilySearch.org -which is free, run by the Mormons

And for UK searches: https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/

There are, as she says, a frightening number of websites & searches
possible. If you join the JGSGB & come to a meeting in London (there is also
a Chilterns group)
her search will proceed further.

Best: Miriam Margolyes
now in Sicily
From: Hilary Pillin<HillyP@...>

My great, great grandmother was Julia COWAN b1824 in Finsbury, Middlesex,
London. She married (I believe) a William Young who was a lot older than her,
b. 1798, and they had my great-grandfather Alexander in 1858. In the 1851
Anglo-Jewry Database there is reference to Julia's father being Yechutiel
HACHOEN. Julia had two brothers, Solomon and Isaac and three sisters Fanny,
Sarah and Hannah.

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