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I also have the same question. When in LA I found my great-grandfather's
(Fishel MEYER) arrival in the US in the book on Russian migrations to the US
in 1884. His wife Rebecca came later with their daughter Esther, since the
next child was born in 1888 in Albany, NY, she had to have come prior to 1888.
I found a Chaya MEYER and ESTHER MEYER in 1887. Now although the only name
that I have for her is Rebecca (Rivka) her name could well have been RIvka
Chaya or she could have changed it out of superstition (to fool the angel of
death as the voyage was dangerous). My other information said that Esther was
born in March1885 (which is consistent with Fishel's arrival in 1884), so she
would have been about 2 and a half in November of 1887. The passenger list
(as produced in the book) had Esther's age of .16 (or about 2 months). This
was the only Esther MEYER in the book. Any suggestions?
Sarah L.Meyer Christiansen

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