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We are trying to trace a line of family with the last name of GOODMAN that
lived in New York since l850. The husband was Louis GOODMAN and the wife was
Rachel PEARLMAN-GOODMAN. We can't figure out how to trace them to the
present. We found them in the 1890 census. We are trying to locate current
relatives of that family tree. The most current relative that we know of is
Beatrice GOODMAN-LOSOW who died in l934. The above were her parents. Another
relative is Rebecca GOODMAN. They may be one in the same, but we aren't sure.
She was born in l892. There was a large family of GOODMAN siblings. How do
we go about tracing this family. We don't live in New York, so it is
difficult. Another descendent of this family is Elaine KAVANAV, the daughter
of Beatrice. We have traced her to l946 in Brooklyn and can't get beyond
this. The family lived on Henry Street in New York in the l890's.

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