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David Price asked:
We are looking into the history of the name JUPITER. Joseph J (born early
1800's, d 1893) married Sarah Leah HONIG (died 1890's) lived in Galicia
(on Dniester River, near Stanislow, now Ivano-Frankovsk), near Lemberg
(Lvov), maybe Saharia, Galicia. Beider's book says the name is >from the
small town, UPITE, in the district PANEVEZYS (PONEVYEZH,PONIEWICZ) in
Lithuania. Upite was founded in 1780. The district had 50000 Jews out of
population of 200000 by 1900. Why was there a migration >from Lithuania to
Galicia? Was there a historical reason?
Yes, there were Litvaks who settled in Galicia. The reason was that the
Litvaks, renowned for their scholarship, were welcomed as Melamdim
(religious school teachers) in Galicia. I am not aware of particular
research on this trend, but the explantion was given by a former Galician
whose family used the traditionally Litvak form of pronunciation in Yiddish
and Hebrew.

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel
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