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Jean A. Holz <jholz@...>

I recently sent a Freedom of Information form to:

Department of Justice
Immigration and Naturalization Service
425 I Street NW
2nd Floor ULLICO Building
Washington, DC 20536

Within one week, I had a return letter with a request for more information. I had
neglected to attach an obituary or death certificate. The form itself is simple to
complete. The more information you have, the more information they have to work
with. I received copies of every paper I requested >from the immigration/ship arrival
card, affidavit of intent to become a citizen, application for citizenship,
affidavits of witnesses, citizenship papers. I was thrilled to receive them.

On another note, the information I had about my other grandfather yielded a letter
saying the based on the information supplied, there were no records to be found. It
seems that my grandfather arrived prior to 1892 when he was naturalized. Records
would be in the county/state/district court, but no court I've checked has anything
on him. So, sometimes it's hit or miss. Don't get discouraged. When it's a hit,
its grand. Keep on searching.
Jean Holz

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