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Dear Jewish Genners - this is my first posting, so forgive me in advance for
any errors. My great grandparents, Max and Regina Eisner ran or owned a
butcher shop in Vienna before and during WWII. The name of this butcher shop
was "Max Eisner Fleischhauer". This business was taken by the nazis around
1937/38 and my great-grandparents escaped to Palestine. To the best of my
knowledge, nobody has ever followed up to determine what happened to this
business. Any ideas of where I can start? Also, I would be very interested
in knowing if this butcher shop and more importantly, my great grandparents
sound familiar to those who lived in Vienna during those terrible times. Max
and Regina Eisner had two children Egon (my grandfather/Opa) and Lucy who also
escaped to Palestine. My grandfather Egon married Rosa Stadler (part of the
Stadler family escaped to Palestine and Switzerland) while the rest perished
in camps.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Jordana Glazer

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