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Roni Liebowitz <> writes:

I'm having computer problems or I would have written about the wonderful
JewishGen Convention in LA ! I can't stay on this computer for long so I'll
just say that those who could not make it, please plan to attend the one in
New York next summer. There's something for everyone -- beginners and experts
and it's such fun meeting e-mail friends!!<<

It's always great to be appreciated, but in this case, we need to
clarify...The recent gathering in Los Angeles was not a JewishGen
project, but rather the hard work of the Jewish Genealogical
Society of Los Angeles, and it is to them we all direct our thanks
and appreciation. JewishGen, a completely separate organization
was merely part of the extensive list of presentors invited to
participate by the JGSLA.

We expect to be in New York when the 1999 seminar is hosted by
the JGSNY in August. See you all then!

Carol Skydell
JewishGen, Inc.

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