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Ricki L. Zunk <rickiz@...>

Thanks to all of you who wrote to tell me that the State of Pennsylvania
did not have a State census. Now I have another question -- Is there a
Death Index for the State of PA?

My problem is quite simple: I know my mggparents' approximate years of
death (+/- three years), but I cannot narrow down the time frame any
more than that right now. That means that my mggf died sometime between
the Summer of 1898 thru 1902, and my mggm died some time between
1928-1931. At least those are the times I think they died. I've tried
just about every resource I can think of to find any records of them. I
know they were in Philly in 1900, but I cannot find them in the 1900 US
census. I tired to find them in City Directories for Philly in that
era, but was not successful there either. I have a hunch that they were
both buried in Har Nebo Cemetery in NE Philly, but the people in the
cemetery office tell me that their records are not on computer, and they
are not about to go searching through their old ledgers to find
burials. So, what's next? I live in Miami, FL, so going to the various
resource locations in Philly is out.

All I want to know is where and when Hyman (Haskell) COHAN and his wife
Ida Raizel Levinsky COHAN arrived in Philly (probably some time between
1891-1895)(they're not on the Phila., or Baltimore passenger lists). I
want to know when they actually died, and where they are buried. I'm
beginning to think that maybe they were "beamed up" by Scotty. They
were there, they did exist. But why can't I find any records of these
poor people. I know that they lived near 5th & Cross and 5th & Kater
Sts. at one time or another.

This is driving me batty. I've been looking for these people since
1976, and every avenue of research I've travelled has wound up as a dead
end. Now what?!!!!!!

Ricki Randall Zunk
Miami, FL


FRIEDMAN - "Petrokov, near Kiev;" Brooklyn, NY
GROSS - Kozova, Galicia (now Ukraine)
KRAMER - The German speaking part of The Pale; Mt. Joy/Lancaster, PA;
Phila., PA; Catskills in NY
KURSON/CURSON/CARSON - Apa or Upa (near Riga), Latvia; Phila., PA;
Oklahoma; Texas
LEVINSKY/LEVINE/BIALAGORSKY - Minsk or Pinsk; Ontario Prov., CAN;
Phila., PA; Pittsburgh, PA
RENDELSTEIN/RANDALL - Kozova, Tarnopol, Dunayev, and Zborov, Galicia
(now Ukraine); greater NYC
SCHNEIDERMAN - "Petrokov, near Kiev;" Brooklyn, NY
EKMAN/FINKELSTEIN - Szumsk, Volhynia; Newark, NJ; Boston, MA
FEIGEL/FINKLE - Szumsk, Volhynia; Newark, NJ; Boston, MA
TROST - Hrubieszow, Poland; Newark, NJ; Brooklyn, NY; Israel
ZUNK - Arudlo (Horodlo), Poland; Newark, NJ

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