JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen My family tree is on the Web: Romania:ABRAMOVICI,HERTANU, vATARU, LAUER, GRISARU; Poland:MOWICKI, NEIMARK #general

Stan Goodman <sheol@...>

I have put the genealogical data of my family, approximately 500
persOns at present, many of which have roots in Romania and Poland on
two Web sites.

The tree is an _INTERACTIVE_ Java applet, therefore viewable and
usable only by Internet users equipped with Java 1.1.x; but the
database will be in a few days downloadable in GEDCOM format, so that
anyone who has genealogical software capable of importing GEDCOM files
can use it. I have deposited a copy of this database with Beit
haTfutsot Diaspora Memorial Museum in Tel-Aviv, and I intend to update
their copy as I maintain and expand my database.

The family names which have roots in the Dorohoi district of Romania
are: ABRAMOVICI, LAUER, VATARU and HERTANU. I also have connections
with the family name GRISARU, >from Iasi.

Ma,es originating in Lomza Gobernia, Poland are NOWICKI and NEIMARK.

My pages can be seen at either of the following two URLs:

I would also be very grateful indeed for any information about people
who have connections to my database, but who I do not know. Most of
the names I have listed above are so common that tracing connections
to them does not seem very promising. I would, however, be very
grateful for persons with "Hertanu" connections, especially in Israel,
but anywhere else too, of course.

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on


from Lomza Gubernia in Russian Poland: Nowicki, Neimark.
from Dorohoi District in Romania: Hertanu, Abramovici, Lauer.
from Iasi in Romania: Grisaru, Vataru.

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