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Myron Chijner <mchijner@...>

Many jewishgenners came through for me when I was searching for
Novoseletsi in the former Bessarabia. Now I wish to know if Otynya,
Ukr. would have been within the borders of Bessarabia between 1870 and
1910. A relative described the shtetl as "Odin, Bessarabia". Using D-M
Soundex, Otynya is as close as I could come. Did Bessarabia's border
extend this far? Is there another community which would better fit this
I take this opportunity to thank the JewishGen leadership for all of
their efforts in improving the JewishGen sites in countless ways over
the past few months. If you have not visited the ShtelSeeker in a
while, check out the improved mapquest. I am very new to genealogy and
hope those like me who have been lurking will step forward to help fund
these new projects.
Myron Chijner
Weirton, WV

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