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I found your name through the internet. I'm trying to find someone to
communicate with in Hungary who can help me find the town my mother was
born in. My information is incomplete which is why i'm doing this
search. Perhaps you can help me. My mother was born in 1913 in the
Sutmar region in a town called Scharkuz Oiluk. I have no idea if i'm
spelling these names correctly. I would like to know if this town exists
and if there is anyone there I can communicate with. A map would also be
very helpful. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this

Thomas Kukes

MODERATOR NOTE: Go to the JewishGen homepage
and in the RESEARCH category you'll see Databases and in that section
you'll see ShtetlSeeker. Click on that link and you will be taken to
the JewishGen site which will be most helpful in locating the town.
Scroll down until you see the hyperlink "towns" click on it, type
in the name of the town as you spelled it above, select Hungary for
country and select Daitch-Mokotoff (which is a "sounds like" soundex).
The name of the town as you spelled it will pop up with the correct
spelling and the map coordinates. You can click on the coordinates
and the town location will be marked on the map.

Then join the Hungarian Special Interest Group (SIG) by clicking on
Special Interest Groups on the homepage and the WEBFORM will take
you through the process. You can post any questions to that group,
once you are subscribed.
Good luck!

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