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Avraham Steiner <steinera@...>

I am looking for information about
Rabbi Meir -Eliezer Hartshtein-Rapaport
of Frankfurt Germany in the end of the 19 century; He is the son of
Rabbi Avraham Abali >from Ihal who wrote the book/manuscript "Kol omer
Rabbi Avraham Abali's father was Rabbi Pinchas-Arie Sameater >from Ihal
who died in 19.4.1843.

Rabbi Meir -Eliezer Hartshtein-Rapaport wrote a book/manuscript named:
"Beit avot" which I did not find in the national library in Jerusalem
as well as other magor libraries in the US.

If any one knows more about this family or one can find the book
mentioned above Please let me know

Hanan Rapaport

Avraham Steiner

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